Commercial Internet and WWW Service Providers

Xuan MA

Indiana Youth Institute

Many commercial providers mentioned here can get you a domain name and provide other services, such as a mail server, FTP server, and WWW server. Hope this short article will help you to locate an Internet service provider that matches your needs and pocketbook.

The Internet Presence Providers list on Yahoo lists companies that sell you Web space as well as other services. (

The BizWeb lists network providers and companies that provide complete Internet packages. (

Another comprehensive and up-to-date list compiled by James Milles is available via anonymous ftp at The directory and file name are:


The following commercial vendors are the ones that we have researched during last year. The information was accurate as of Fall, 1995.


Global Commerce Link

Tel: (303)443-9931

Fax: (303)443-5865



Example 1:

  • 6 months of coverage and exposure
  • 2 full page world wide web displays with your graphic or logo
  • 3 WWW pages in all including automated contact forms
  • individual URL address
  • automatic forwarding of customer messages to client's e-mail address
  • professional maintained on Global Commerce Link

Cost: $99 including setup

Example 2:

  • 9 World Wide Web pages with your graphic or logo
  • auto mail response message
  • individual URL address
  • WWW commercial site listing
  • online customer message form
  • automatic forwarding of customer messages to your e-mail address
  • maintained on Global Commerce Link
  • monthly management report
  • customer page or site design available for an additional fee


$50/12 months
$350 setup
custom page or site design available for an additional fee.

Additional cost:

Custom HTML pages $50/hr
Page modifications/changes $20/each
Image scanning and insertion $250
domain name service $250
(includes domain registration, setup,
one year primary and secondary name server
operation and maintenance)
Mail server (proxy) quote
Custom creative graphics quote


CICNet, Inc

2901 Hubbard Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48105-2467

Tel: (313)998-6103

Fax: (313)998-6105



Web Builder Service Costs
Initial five-page setup $1,695
Each additional page $150
Customizations, additions, $150/hr
modifications, and enhancements
Monthly fee $70
(includes 10 MB of space on a T-3 node)
Each additional 10 MB of space $20/mo
Basic start-up cost $1,850

Dedicated connectivity

  one time connect fees monthly fees
56Kbs $5,995 $1,000
T-1 $9,995 $2,000





Web pages Costs
storage $5.00/megabyte/mo
thruput $1.00/megabyte/mo
monthly fee $25.00 (minimum)
SLIP/PPP dialup $15/mo

  Max baud hourly fee setup
SLIP/PPP 28.8K $15 n/a
Dedicated 56.0K $400 $1,000




Fax: (203)921-1544

TCP/IP dial up connection, Mosaic






$15/mon SLIP access
$100/mon dedicated line + $100 setup fee



Tel:(317) 871-7030




$25.00 /mo for 120 hours online
$15.00 per e-mail account
automatic message forwarding
additional fee for storage
monthly usage report
initial 10 pages


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