3. Scholarships/Grants for Early Career Librarians/Library School Students


Bogle Pratt International Travel Fund


 This ALA travel fund is to enable a member or members of the American Library Association to attend an international conference for the first time.

EBSCO ALA Annual Conference Sponsorship


This annual award consisting of $1,000 for actual reimbursed expenses is designed to allow librarians to attend the ALA's Annual Conference.

NMRT Annual Conference Professional Development Attendance Award (Formerly the Marshall Cavendish Award)


 The Annual Conference Professional Development Attendance Award is presented to two NMRT (New Members Round Table) members each year.  

NMRT Professional Development Grant


The purpose of the NMRT Professional Development Grant is to encourage professional development and participation by new ALA members in national ALA and NMRT activities.

Pat Carterette Professional Development Grant


This $1,000 grant is awarded to an individual to participate in a professional development conference or event related to their work in the field of libraries. Recipient must be a member of the sponsoring organization hosting the conference/event if the registration fee is higher for non-members. 

Shirley Olofson Memorial Award


The award is intended to help defray costs to attend the ALA Annual Conference.



CALA Conference Travel Grant


The CALA Conference Travel Grant is established to support CALA members in their efforts to play an active role at professional conferences for their professional or career development. The grant is issued annually and coincides with the fiscal period (from July to June each year) of CALA’s operation. For each funding period, up to four awards of equal amounts of $500 will be given to qualified candidates to defray their expenses for traveling to conferences.

The CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science


This scholarship awards $1000 to a full-time student at an ALA-accredited library school.

Lisa Zhao Scholarship Fund


This scholarship awards $500 to a full-time student at an ALA-accredited library school.

Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant


The grant is to support research by CALA members.  Proposals must focus on research in library and information science for which the applicant is highly qualified and which would result in the advancement of the individuals' professional status.  Sally C. Tseng donates one or two cash award(s) for the total amount of $1,000 annually.


The Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library and Information Science


This scholarship awards $500 to a full-time student at an ALA-accredited library school.


ABC-CLIO Leadership Grant


The ABC-CLIO Leadership Grant is given to school library associations that are AASL affiliates for planning and implementing leadership programs at the state, regional, or local levels. The monetary amount is up to $1,750 for three consecutive years.

Innovative Reading Grant


T he AASL Innovative Reading Grant supports the planning and implementation of a unique and innovative program for children which motivates and encourages reading, especially with struggling readers. The monetary amount is $2,500.

The Ruth Toor Grant for Strong Public School Libraries


The grant provides funding support to public school libraries for the creation and implementation of a local public awareness/marketing campaign that promotes and positions their school library as a necessary resource in the community. $2,000 for both the school librarian and school official (or volunteer parent) to attend the AASL national conference or the ALA Annual Conference during the years when there is no AASL national conference.

Student Bridge Scholarship Program


This AASL program will cover the cost difference between student membership rates and regular membership rates.



Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant


The Jan Merrill-Oldham Professional Development Grant is awarded by the ALCTS Preservation and Reformatting Section to provide librarians and paraprofessionals new to the preservation field with the opportunity to attend a professional conference and encourages professional development through active participation at the national level. The grant is to be used for airfare, lodging, and registration fees to attend the ALA Annual Conference.

The Wiley Professional Development Grant


This Wiley Professional Development Grant awarded by the Continuing Resources Section of ALCTS is intended to provide librarians new to the continuing resources field with the opportunity to broaden their perspective and to encourage professional development in ALA Conference and participation in Continuing Resources Section activities.


CILIP/IFLA Aspire Award


Jointly sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and IFLA, the award was launched in memory of CILIP's Chief Executive Bob McKee, who died in August 2010. The Award will support the development of new professionals and the strengthening of international relationships. It will provide bursaries for new professionals to attend CILIP and IFLA conferences.

Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship


Jointly sponsored by IFLA and OCLC Online Computer Library Center, This programme provides early career development and continuing education for library and information science professionals from countries with developing economies.



BRASS Morningstar Public Librarian Support Award


This $1,250 award is to support the attendance at Annual Conference of a public librarian who has performed outstanding business reference service and who requires financial assistance to attend the ALA Annual Conference. The recipient must join RUSA/BRASS upon being selected to receive the award.

BRASS Student Travel Award


This $1,250 monetary prize is given to a student enrolled in an ALA accredited master's degree program to fund travel to and attendance at the ALA Annual Conference and a one-year membership in the Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS) of RUSA.



YALSA Conference Grants


Baker and Taylor Company funds two grants of $1,000 each are awarded to librarians who work with or for young adults to enable them to attend the Annual Conference for the first time. One grant is given to a school librarian and one grant is given to a librarian whose focus is public libraries. 

YALSA Board Fellow Program


The program gives one YALSA member fellowship each year to support him serve on the YALSA Board as a non-voting member from June to July of the next year. The Fellow will receive a $500 stipend for each of three conferences to help defray travel, registration, and hotel costs.