Patty Wong Running for ALA Treasurer

Dear CALA Colleagues,

I am pleased to inform you that Patty Wong is running for ALA Treasurer in Spring of 2016. She will come to the CALA Board meeting at ALA MW to address our group and share her qualifications to get CALA’s support. If you are going, please make sure to attend.

Below please find what she will share with us at the meeting

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or Twitter: Patty4ALA )


I have been a member and Chair of the Budget Analysis and Review Committee (BARC) and have been a member of the ALA Executive Board.

While Chair of BARC I worked closely with the Treasurer to create workshops for our financial teams throughout the Association to further understanding and analysis of their own finances and use of their funds at the division and roundtable levels.


I instituted liaison positions between BARC members and those key units in ALA. This work strengthened communication between ALA finance staff, the Treasurer, BARC, and division and roundtable leadership and more transparency in sharing ALA financial information and decision making.

My experience also includes current and prior membership to ALA’s Planning and Budget Assembly where the communication and interest in the financial health of ALA is even greater.


I have served as Treasurer for the California County Librarians Association (current) and the United States Board on Books for Young People

I have a strong background in the fiscal responsibilities of this position through prior experience, worked effectively with a governing board and a member based organization, contributed documents that reflected transparency and strong, clear communication, and demonstrated responsibilities in creating a strong organization through financial acumen and understanding.


I have experience with more than 15 years of experience as ALA Councilor at Large and now as California’s Chapter Councilor to ALA. 

My understanding of ALA’s governance structure is based on long term investment in our Association  and informed contribution as an experienced member leader. While Councilor at Large I served in a number of lead positions including Chair for the Strategic Realignment Committee, a group tasked with examining the composition of ALA Council which ultimately led to stronger roundtable representation.  I also co-authored the resolution leading to the development of the Member-Forum, ALA’s first virtual communication which allowed members to participate in Council communication about Association business.


My service to ALA includes considerable experience beginning in the youth divisions with ALSC, continuing with PLA and LLAMA and extending with work in the roundtables through EMIERT, SRRT and GLBTRT.

My knowledge of ALA covers a wide range of division and roundtable direct experience emphasizing collaboration and member engagement


My involvement with ALA includes leadership with four ALA Presidential initiatives including development and sustainability of the Spectrum Program and ALA’s Strategic Plan

My understanding of ALA finances extends to the highest levels of ALA governance and past and future programmatic priorities.   I have worked effectively with ALA staff and leadership in all aspects of planning and service development, including leadership in many of the Offices.


I have a strong and active relationship with all of our Ethnic Affiliate professional associations


In addition, I serve as a member of my County’s Long Term Financial Planning Team and was part of the City of Berkeley’s Financial Task Force.  I have also been responsible for my department’s financial health and growth in every arena.


I love ALA and want to contribute in a more meaningful way.



Thank you!


Patty Wong





Li Fu 付荔
CALA Executive Director 2013-2016