CALA Committee Volunteer Form

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cm-1. Awards Committee (2016-2017)
cm-2. Best Book Award Committee (2016-2017)
cm-3. [Annual] Conference Program Committee (2016-2018)
cm-4. Conference Travel Grant Committee (2016-2017)
cm-5. Constitution and Bylaws Committee (2016-2017)
cm-6. Finance Committee (2016-2017)
cm-7. Handbook of Officers Committee (2016-2017)
cm-8. International Relations Committee (2016-2017)
cm-9. Jing Liao Award for the Best Research Committee (2016-2017)
cm-10. Local Arrangement Committee for CALA Awards Banquet (Orlando, FL) – (2016-2017)
cm-11. Membership Committee (2016-2017)
cm-12. Mentorship Program Committee (2016-2017)
cm-13. Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung Committee (2016-2017)
cm-14. Public Relations /Fund Raising Committee (2016-2017)
cm-15. Publications Committee (2016-2017)
cm-15.a. CALA Occasional Papers Series (OPS) Editorial Board:
cm-15.b. CALA Newsletter Co-Editor:
cm-15.c. CALA on Social Media (Facebook, YouTube and etc.)
cm-16. Scholarship Committee (2016-2017)
cm-17. Sheila Lai Research Award Committee (2016-2017)
cm-18. Web Committee (2016-2017)
cm-19. Election Ad-Hoc Committee (2016-2017)
cm-20. Nominating Committee (2016-2017)