Procedures for Requesting an Item to Be Dealt with by the Board

  1. Items that can be included on the agenda of a CALA Board meeting include: (a) reports on significant events or activities, (b) discussion items which may or may not result in offers of main motion, (c) formal main motions, and (d) resolutions.
  2. Between the board meetings at CALA Mid-Winter and Annual conferences, the originator of the item may request it to be dealt with by the board via email.
  3. Items to be included on the agenda of a board meeting or via email conduct must be submitted to the Executive Director, with copy to the President, at least two weeks before the board meeting at which the item is intended to be dealt with.
  4. Requests for item inclusion to the board meeting agenda may come from any eligible member of the board, or a committee chair to whose committee the item is related.

The Process of Dealing with an Item by the Board

  1. The Secretary of the Board is responsible to (a) ensure that complete information is received, (b) submit the request to the Chair of the Board (the President), (c) record the proceeding of the business, (d) tally votes.
  2. The Chair of the Board is the only person who has the authority to initiate the process of dealing with the item. The Chair is responsible to (a) inform the Board a pending item to be dealt with, (b) keep proper business conducts during the process, and (c) declare the final decision on the pending item at closure.

When Conducting Business via Email, Board Members Must:

  1. Wait for the Chair to initiate the process of dealing with a pending item.
  2. Participate in discussion by checking emails at least every other day, and responding to emails within 72 hours unless the member notifies the secretary in advance of alternative methods of keeping informed.
  3. Vote only upon the Chair's call to the question.
  4. Vote by forwarding the voting message to the Secretary's personal email, not to the CALABOARD discussion list.