2012 CALA/ALA Conference Program and the Awards Banquet

Dear CALA Members and Friends,

We would like to share with you the success of our 2012 CALA/ALA Conference Program and the Awards Banquet in Anaheim:


CALA’s Annual Conference Program for 2012 was an impressionable event.  We are pleased to share with you some of the photos (please click on): 


The program theme is DIVERSE VOICES, ENRICHING COMMUNITIES, in tune with ALA President Molly Raphael’s theme of Empowering Voices, Transforming Communities.  The program was held at the Anaheim Convention Center, Room 201C, on Sunday, June 24, 2012, 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.  The four distinguished and award-winning speakers who have published widely were:

     1.  Dr. Camila Alire, the Past President of ALA/ACRL/REFORMA and Dean Emerita of the University of New Mexico and Colorado State University.

     2.  Dr. Sha Li Zhang, the Past President of CALA and the Assistant Dean for Collections and Technical Services, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

     3.  Director James Rettig, the ALA Past President and the Library Director and Associated Dean for Information Services at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

     4. Dr. Ingrid Parent, the President of IFLA and the University Librarian at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Alire gave her personal reflections on what makes a leader ticks, including her leadership preparations (including role models, MLS & PH.D),  10 key leadership characteristics (including integrity, risk-taker/decision-maker, and change agent/team-builder), and 10 lessons learned (including one do not have to have a certain personality to lead, the importance of shared vision, and  how to face adversity).

Dr. Zhang showed us her progress report on a collaborative recruitment project, whereby she worked with ten university libraries in North Carolina and five affiliates of ALA (AILA, APALA, Black Caucus, CALA, & REFORMA) in recruiting future librarians with culturally diversified backgrounds.  Her project was made possible by a major funding of nearly two million dollars from the IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program, and has produced quite a number of scholars.   Nearly all of her graduates were hired and many became mentors of the new cohort.

Director Rettig spoke on miscellany: including serendipitous happenstance, ships, bridges, connections, and “yes I said yes I will Yes” (Ulysses by James Joyce).  He has made changes, embraced risk, favored diversity, and travelled far and wide.  Every place he has visited changed his life in some way, either spiritually, emotionally, or intellectually. 

Dr. Parent showed us the future libraries in the digital age, whereby inclusion, transformation, innovation, and convergence are vital to driving access to content, with digital lending, open access and beyond access all contributing to the special power of libraries.  As libraries contain the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of all generations, they offer citizens the opportunity to learn and participate in the social, cultural and political life of their communities.

The audience finds the speakers’ diverse PowerPoint presentations very interesting, informative, inspiring, and moving.  In spite of the fire alarm (a false one, as it turned out) which briefly interrupted the Program, when all people were required to go outside of the Anaheim Convention Center building, most attendees returned and stayed to the end of the Program.  Photos were taken with the speakers exhibiting their Certificates of Appreciation.  The moderator of the program was Esther Lee, the Vice President/President Elect and Program Chair of the Program Committee, whose members included Maria Fung, Vincci Kwong, Lili Li, Xiaoli Li, Wenwen Zhang, and Cathy Yang.

The program was co-sponsored by Sage Publications, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, EBSCO Publishing, and the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color.  David Horwitz of Sage, Ruth Glasspool of Emerald, and Janice Rice of JCLC distributed their brochures and each made a brief presentation.  Alejandro Rojano of EBSCO Publishing wanted to come, but he was held up by another important meeting.

Before the program ended was the drawing of three flash drives, a kindle, and a kindle fire.  CALA President Min Chou and Executive Director Haipeng Li were the presenters.  Among the lucky winners were Carol Gee,  Joyce Chen, Janice Rice, Ruth Glasspool, and Ruth Au Yeung. 

Everyone left with a light spirit, and many voiced their effusive praises to the speakers, program monitor and friends.


View photos at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40939869@N07/sets/72157630407005426/

On the Sunday evening of June 24, 2012, the CALA Awards Banquet was held at the King Harbor Seafood Restaurant, 6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.  Approximately 140 people came.  CALA chartered a bus to bring the people to the Restaurant and later, back to the Convention Center. 

Planned by our CALA President Min Chou, this event was considered by many as one of the best ever.  Among the distinguished guests were Dr. Ingrid Parent, IFLA President; Molly Raphael, ALA President; Maureen Sullivan, ALA President-Elect; and ALA Past Presidents:  Robert Stevens, Dr. Camila Alire, Jim Rettig, and Barbara Ford.  High officials and librarians from  China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, APALA, and REFORMA were also present. The nine-course meal was scrumptious. 

Professor Barbara Ford was the recipient of the CALA Distinguished Service Award.  Dr. Clara Chu, Dr. Mengxiong Liu, and Dr. Sha Li Zhang received the CALA President’s Recognition Awards.  Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee received a Special Honor Award for his book titled Collected Works of Hwa-Wei Lee (2v., 2011).  Sharon Yang was the recipient of the Jing Liao Award for the Best Research in All Media.  There were other recipients for the CALA Scholarships, CALA Travel Grants, the JCLC Scholarships, and other Awards.

The fun part of the evening started with Manuel Urrizola as the Master of Ceremony, working in partnership with Wenwen Zhang.  Min Chou, Ying Shen, and Julia Wu each sang melodiously, like a professional singer.  Min’s singing was joined by Mengxiong and Maria.  Julia’s singing was joined by four lovely children from the audience.  Two beautiful fifteen year-old twins danced gracefully.  Manuel concocted a guessing game, whereby each time the first person who gave the right answer will receive a beautiful souvenir.   Many gave correct answers and prizes were a-plenty.  Other gifts for the raffle drawing included an iPod and a kindle.

Special thanks go to our banquet sponsors:  Sage, Emerald, Bepress, EBSCO, East View and donors of CALA members. More thanks go to our CALA Local Arrangement Committee:  Ying Xu, Chair; Win Shih, Yongyi Song, Manuel Urrizola, Joy Wang, Maggie Wang, WenWen Zhang, Maria Fung, and Dora Ho.  Furthermore, thanks also go to Songqian Lu, Weiling Liu, and Bin Zhang for setting up the online banquet registration, and also to many other CALA members who helped anonymously.

In her recent e-mail to Esther, Sha Li, Min and Haipeng, Dr. Ingrid Parent stated:

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the professionalism with which you organized the CALA program and banquet on Sunday, and for taking such good care of me.  I thought the program was very moving and informative, in spite of a brief disruption which everyone took in stride.

The banquet was very entertaining, and one can sense the good camaraderie among CALA member and guests, and the joie de vivre which adds so much to our librarian profession.

You are all to be commended for making CALA such a dynamic organization within ALA, and I am so delighted that you are also part of the IFLA family now….”

Director Jim Rettig wrote:

“And I want to take this opportunity to thank my fellow CALA members for the opportunity to speak in the CALA program in Anaheim this past Sunday.  Even with the fire alarm it was a good and successful program.  Thanks also for a very enjoyable evening of good food, fine entertainment, and even better fellowship at the banquet that evening.  Thank you as well for the very unexpected honorarium.”

Dr. Sha Li Zhang also wrote:

“I was humbled and honored to be on the same panel at the CALA Annual Program with Dr. Ingrid Parent, IFLA President, Dr. Camila Alire, past presidents of  ALA, ACRL, and REFORMA, and Jim Rettig, ALA past President.  Their presentations on challenges and opportunities of leadership, diversity, digital access and global outreach are encouraging and inspiring.  I am especially grateful that Esther Lee, the incoming CALA President, invited me to the Panel.  She would like us to actively get involved with ALA and IFLA, and at the same time always give  back to CALA which has helped us to grow professionally in our careers.

The CALA Awards Banquet this year was a huge success, with distinguished guests, colleagues, and friends from other ALA caucuses and other countries, thanks for much effort from Min Chou, CALA President.  With her presidential themes on diversity and global outreaches, the inclusiveness of the Banquet has demonstrated that CALA is indeed embracing the demographic change of the time.”

What a splendid and memorable day it was for CALA at the 2012 ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim!!!

Esther Lee, CALA President

Haipeng Li, CALA Executive Director