JCLC Scholarship

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) is pleased to provide ten (10) scholarships at $500 each for CALA members to participate in the 2012 JCLC (Joint Conference for Librarians of Color)  in Kansas City, September 19-23, 2012. Detailed and complete information about the Conference is available at http://jclc-conference.org/.   This grant is for 2012 JCLC conference attendance only.  We hope the scholarship will provide further encouragement for a wide participation of CALA members to the JCLC conference.

Application Deadline Extended to May 25, 2012

Eligibility and Criteria:

·         The applicant must be a current CALA member in good

·         The Scholarship is for attending 2012 JCLC only.

·         The applicant must state his/her intention to register or has already registered to attend the 2012 JCLC.

·         The applicant must demonstrate his/her financial need.

·         Priorities may be given to those who are employed in a position that serves minority communities, or those who have not received CALA grants in attending national or international conferences in the past three years, or those who will make presentations at the conference.

·         CALA 2012 JCLC Scholarship Taskforce members are not eligible for the Scholarship.

Application Process:

·         Fill out the CALA JCLC Scholarship Application Form (see the attached form).

·         A one page letter explaining your purpose and interests to attend JCLC and how attending JCLC may help you in your current position and in fulfilling your career goals.

·         A one page support letter from the applicant’s peer reference or supervisor outlining the specific contributions or benefits the applicant will have by attending JCLC.

·         An expenditure budget itemizing your needs for the scholarship

·         A copy of current resume (no more than three pages).

Scholarship Selection Process:

·         The application and all required documents must be received by the deadline of May 25, 2012.

·         CALA membership status will be verified by CALA Membership Committee.

·         The applications will be reviewed by the Taskforce based on the applicant’s qualifications and the scholarship eligibility and priorities.

·         The applicants will be informed of the funding decision as soon as the review process ends.

·         Upon approval of the scholarship, a check of $500 will be mailed to the Scholarship recipient following the announcement of the funding decision.

·         The Scholarship recipient must submit a one-page report of their experience to CALA Executive Director no later than two months following the end of the conference along with receipts amount to $500 that includes the 2012 JCLC registration fee and other expenditures related to the Conference as submitted in the budget.

·         The report will be posted to CALA website and included in the next issue of CALA newsletter.

·         The Scholarship recipient must attend the 2012 JCLC programs. He/she must use the scholarship for registration and/or for travel expenses.  In the event the Scholarship recipient fails to attend the 2012 JCLC, this scholarship will be rescinded and the recipient will be asked to return the funds in full amount to CALA within one month after the JCLC.

Submitted by the CALA JCLC Scholarship Taskforce

Liana Zhou (Chair)


Dora Ho

Min Liu

Kachuen Gee

Priscilla Chang Yu