Team members selected for "Think Globally, Act Globally, US-China Librarian Collaboration"


On behalf of International Relation Committee, I am very pleased to announce the selected members of the May/June team for the educational and exchange program , part of the  "Think Globally, Act Globally, US-China Librarian Collaboration". The team will be led by Zhijia Shen, CALA President. The program will be held in Hunan and Fujian between May 19-June2 (subject to change).


Angela Yang,
Clement Lau,
Jiajian Hu
Qi Chen

The Committee received more than 20 applications, and had a pool of very strong candidates. The decisions were made based on the consideration of the coverage of topics, balancing types of libraries, and representativeness of the presenters.

Holiday greetings!

Shuyong Jiang

IRC, Co-Chair