2010 CALA Conference Travel Grant Recipients

Dear CALA Members,

CALA Conference Travel Grant Committee is pleased to announce the four recipients of the 2010 CALA Conference Travel Grant: Sai Deng, Zhijia Shen, Diana Wu, and Liana Zhou. All recipients plan to use the travel grant to support their active roles at professional conferences and to make continued contributions to library profession in general and to CALA in particular.

Sai Deng is the Metadata Catalog Librarian at Wichita State University Libraries. Ms. Deng is currently the CALA Newsletter Co-Editor and has served on CALA Web Committee and Program Committee. The Grant will support Ms. Deng's multiple roles and activities at the ALA/CALA Annual Conference, including participating in CALA programs and Board meetings as a Newsletter Editor, participating in the ALCTS International Relations Committee program planning, and joining the Metadata Interest Group meetings and discussions. She is working on a proposed co-presentation about CALA at the ALA Diversity Fair during the ALA Conference.

Zhijia Shen is the Director of East Asia Library at University of Washington Libraries. Dr. Shen is the Vice-President/President-Elect of CALA who has been making continuous contributions to CALA in her various capacities for the last two decades, and has firmly committed to the mission and vision of CALA. The Grant will support Dr. Shen's major chairing and presiding roles at the CALA Board meetings as the CALA Executive Officer, her chairing function at the CALA annual program, as well as her attendance at the ALA related programs and meetings on behalf of CALA.

Diana Wu is the Reference and Instruction Librarian at Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, San Jose State University. A past president of CALA, Ms. Wu is now the CALA representative to ALA Diversity Council, and has been recently elected to the ALA Council. The Grant will support Ms. Wu's major role in attending ALA Council meetings, ALA Diversity Council meetings, and participation in the planning activities of the 2nd JCLC.

Liana Zhou is the Head of the Kinsey Institute Library at Indiana University. Ms. Zhou is the ALA Councilor-at-Large, the CALA Board member and Chair of CALA 2015 Strategic Plan Task Force. She is a past president of CALA and has made numerous significant contributions to CALA for the past two decades. The Grant will support Ms. Zhou's multiple roles as the CALA board member and committee chair to convene meetings during the ALA/CALA Annual Conference, as well as her attendance at the ALA Council meetings and the 2nd JCLC planning activities.

Congratulations to the winners!

The Committee encourages CALA members to apply for the travel grant. Please check the following link for the guidelines and the application form http://www.cala-web.org/node/836

2010 CALA Conference Travel Grant Committee:
Mengxiong Liu (Chair)
Min Chou
Denise Kwan
Yi Liang
Wenwen Zhang