JLIS Call for Papers

Journal of Library and Information Science
(JLIS) is a peer reviewed
journal published semiannually in April and October by the Department of Adult
& Continuing Education, National Taiwan Normal University in Taiwan and the
Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) in the U.S.A.  Since its first publication in 1975, JLIS has provided an outlet for scholars
around world to contribute knowledge through their ongoing research and to
thrive through their intellectual pursuits. 
JLIS invites both Chinese and English manuscripts of original
research in all subjects pertaining to library and information science. It also
invites reviews of monographs, books, and reports about library and information
science. Manuscripts in English should be submitted via email attachment to Min
Chou at minchou.njcu@gmail.com).  Manuscripts in Chinese should be submitted to
Dr. Ming-Hsin Chiu at phoebechiu@ntnu.edu.tw.  Reviews of books, monographs, and reports
should be submitted to Dr. Mengxiong Liu at mengxiong.liu@sjsu.edu.  For publication in the April issue, it is
preferred that you submit your manuscript by December 30; for the October
issue, please submit by June 30. We strongly encourage authors to submit before
the deadlines to ensure sufficient time for full review process and for making
necessary revisions.  Submission
guidelines are provided below and also available at the website http://www.cala-web.org/node/165.

Submission Guidelines

Each submission should be accompanied by a cover letter indicating that the
manuscript is original and not under consideration by any other journal or
book. All Chinese manuscripts should be submitted to the Editorial Board of JLIS,
c/o Graduate Institute of Library & Information Studies, National Taiwan
Normal University, 162, Section 1, Hoping East Road, Taipei, Taiwan, or email:
Dr. Ming-Hsin Chiu at phoebechiu@ntnu.edu.tw.
English manuscripts should be submitted to Min Chou, English Editor of JLIS,
c/o Congressman Frank J. Guarini Library, New Jersey City University, 2039
Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305-1597, U.S.A., or email: minchou.njcu@gmail.com. Books,
monographs, reports, and other items for review should be submitted to Dr.
Mengxiong Liu, c/o Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, San Jose State
University, 1 Washington Square, San Jose, California 95192-0028, U.S.A., or
email: mengxiong.liu@sjsu.edu.
English manuscripts must be typed in MS Word and submitted either as email
attachments. Manuscripts should not exceed 10,000 words in length, not
including notes, tables, and forms of data. 
Identifying information of author may not appear on the manuscript
itself, as JLIS engages in double-blind review of manuscripts. A title
page must be submitted as a separate word document, and should include the name
of author, institutional affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, and
email address. Articles presented at a conference must include the name, place,
and date of the conference. The body of a manuscript must be preceded by a
100-150-word abstract and 3-8 keywords, and followed by references and
bibliographies. Each illustration or table should be numbered and have a brief
caption. JLIS follows the Manual of the American Psychological
for reference and bibliography style. Consult recent issues of JLIS
as a guide to format.

JLIS is accessible online at http://www.cala-web.org/node/165.
Authors will receive one printed copy of the journal in which their articles
appear. Copyright of all articles published in JLIS is held by the

CALA JLIS Editorial Board:

Min Chou, Chair

Xue-Ming Bao

Nancy Hershoff

Manuel Urrizola
Mark Winston

Xudong Jin (Ex-officio)
Haipeng Li (Ex-officio)
Mengxiong Liu (Ex-officio)

Hong Miao (Ex-officio)
Zhijia Shen (Ex-officio)