Tongji University Library Wins 2009 ALA Presidential Citation for International Innovation

(Chinese American Librarians Association, CALA  - Newark, New Jersey, August 2009) The Tongji University Library in Shanghai, China won 2009 ALA Presidential Citation for International Innovation at the American Library Association's 2009 Annual Conference held in Chicago in July 2009. The Library was awarded for its outreach programs to serve local industries that have earned its trust, reputation, and respect within the Tongji University community and beyond.  The Library launched an innovative program - the Auto Industry Information Services Platform in 2006.  The platform was strategically designed for planning, collecting, integrating, managing of automobile data, and providing services to local communities.

The Tongji University Library has been ranked as one of the top academic libraries in China for its innovative library services and programs.  The Library has assisted in local automobile industries in their information finding and discovery process.  In launching this platform, the Library has provided a leadership role in gathering experts and engineers from auto industries and forming the team to release auto data, construct service guidelines and procedures, and build the infrastructure with auto information through interactive and two-way communication channels.  For the past three years, the user group of the platform has been expanded to include 200 local auto companies and more than 2,000 individuals.  The Library has conducted nine training sessions and workshops for end-users.  The document delivery has reached to 2,650 end-users.  Through the platform, the Library provides the users from the local auto industries with the table of contents of 24 auto periodicals.  The platform is now being used by major auto companies in China such as Shanghai Auto Corporation. The Library's innovative programs serving  local industries are also being recognized by the city officials in Shanghai and the auto industry communities for its visionary leadership, innovative approach as the driving force to help economic development and research activities in Shanghai and beyond.

At the 2008 CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Series held in Kunming City, China, Dr. Jinhua Shen, Director of Tongji University Library, gave a presentation and shared this platform with the audience at the seminar. Mr. James Rettig, ALA President (2008-2009), was also invited to give a keynote at the seminar. Mr. Rettig was very impressed with the innovative program at the Tongji University Library. In his blog, Twilight Librarian , at Mr. Rettig states that "I commend Dr. Jinhua Shen and her staff for their innovation and strategic thinking.  It has identified an underserved, perhaps even un-served, community and has developed services that will contribute to the community's success."

CALA has held the Seminar Series in China since 2006 to enhance understanding and exchange the best practices with librarians in U.S. and China.  The Tongji University is planning to host one seminar in 2010 which will provide a forum for such exchanges among the librarians in two countries.

CALA is an affiliate of the American Library Association (ALA), with 1,200 registered members in U.S. and around the world.

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