Midwinter Report and Photos

Dear CALA Members and Friends:

Happy Chinese New Year – as we traditionally celebrate it for fifteen days till the Lantern Festival!  I am happy to share with you some Mid-winter photos.

  • JCLC Fundraising 2012 during the ALA Midwinter in Dallas: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40939869@N07/sets/72157629039980235/ The JCLC Fundraising during the ALA has always been a fun and productive event. This year, people gathered to raise fund as well as to build momentum for the conference.  It was an honor for me to give greetings on behalf of CALA at the reception. CALA contributed a raffle basket - thanks to the CALA Southwest Chapter President Peggy (Guopeng) Zhang and Immediate Past President Irene Ke for their support, and to Irene for putting together a beautiful basket for CALA with a theme “DiverseTea”. CALA's representatives Haipeng Li and Dora Ho take a leadership role in the steering committee, and Haipeng Li is the co-chair of the steering committee.
  • 2012 ALA Emerging Leaders Program - CALA's Project 40/40 Team: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40939869@N07/sets/72157629040302655/ CALA's project "A Prelude to Celebration: Project 40/40" has been selected by the 2012 Emerging Leaders Program owing to the enthusiastic participation of the group of very bright and aspiring young emerging leaders – Yuan Li, Laura Morlock, Candice Mack, and Chris Kyauk.  CALA Publications Committee will collaborate with the team in the project.  Min Chou and Dajin Sun met with the team during the Emerging Leader training session at Midwinter as member guide. Miguel Figueroa, Director of Office for Diversity, is the ALA staff liaison for this project.  Stay tuned for more news about the CALA’s 40/40 project.
  • CALA Board Meeting and Networking during the ALA Midwinter in Dallas: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40939869@N07/sets/72157629040830335/  It was a very productive meeting as a lot of CALA business has been taken care of.

I would also like to share with you the following activities at the Midwinter as well:

  • ALA Executive Board Liaison Michael Porter came to CALA Board Meeting to give ALA updates to us.  Mr. Porter was a speaker at CALA’s 2011 Program in New Orleans, and is on the 2011-12 CALA Presidential Initiative Advisory Board.  We are very happy to welcome Mr. Porter to work with CALA in another capacity.
  • ALA presidential candidates Gina Millsap and Barbara Stripling came to meet the CALA Board to share their passion and vision to lead the ALA.  Both of them wish to join CALA to have more opportunities for collaboration with CALA.
  • CALA President Min Chou and Executive Director Haipeng Li attended ALA affiliates’ meeting, shared many CALA initiatives and activities with leaders of those organizations. We took the opportunity to thank Carla Funk, Executive Director of MLA for the strong support of the MLA towards CALA’s relief efforts to Sichuan earthquake several years ago.
  • CALA has become a new member of IFLA, and part of the North American Library Associations of IFLA group. CALA President and Executive Director met Ingrid Parent, IFLA President Ingrid; Michael Dowling, Director of ALA International Relations Office; and officers from North American Library Associations during the Midwinter in Dallas. It was a very exciting and learning experience for us. There are eight national association members of IFLA from the U.S.: ALA, Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), ARL, Chief Officer of State Library Agencies, MLA, SLA, Urban Libraries Council, and Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA).  CALA is the first ethnic library association in the U.S. that joined IFLA.
  • CALA executive officers, chapter presidents, and chairs of committees and task forces, have all submitted interim reports for the Midwinter meeting.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their diligent work and dedication to CALA.

Best regards,

Min Chou, CALA President