Food, Fun and Fundraising for Diversity - CALA's Continued Support to the Spectrum Scholarship Program

CALA has been a strong supporter for the ALA’s Spectrum Scholarship program.  CALA has joined force in Spectrum Presidential Initiative, led by the American Library Association’s President, Immediate Past President, and President Elect and chaired by ALA Past President Dr. Betty J. Turock, in a special campaign to raise $1 million for the Spectrum Scholarship Program.  In 2010, CALA Board approved to donate $6,500. In recognition of this gift, the ALA Spectrum Scholarship Program has named Christopher Kyauk as the 2010 CALA Spectrum Scholar.   To continue CALA’s strong support to diversity, the 2011- 2012 CALA Presidential Initiative Task Force called members at chapter and national levels to participate in “Food, Fun and Fundraising for Diversity” to support the Spectrum Scholarship Program.

CALA Presidential Initiative Task Force chair Liana Zhou, together with Maria Fung and Sha Li Zhang as national co-coordinators of this initiative activity, have been successful in working with chapters on this CALA initiative. In November, the Southern California chapter was the first to respond with a $100 contribution in support of this meaningful effort. On December 9, the Northeast chapter kicked off a fun filled holiday party in New York City, raffled off beautiful holiday presents at a luncheon, and donated $300 to the “Food, Fun and Fundraising for Diversity” fundraising effort.  In addition, individual donations from CALA members have been received.   We are looking forward to more member participation.  All donations, large or small, will add up to the big contribution to this meaningful diversity initiative. CALA thrives in the promotion of diversity in library profession, and your support to this meaningful endeavor will, in turn, make CALA stronger. To find out how to participate, please visit CALA Presidential Initiative webpage at For more information, please contact us.  Thank you.

Sha Li Zhang, National Coordinator
Maria Fung, National Coordinator
Liana Zhou, Chair, CALA Presidential Initiative Taskforce
Min Chou, CALA President