CALA 2008 Election Results

According to CALA Bylaws, members in good standing have the right to vote. In the CALA membership database, there are altogether 370 members in good standing, including 156 current members (i.e., members who have paid their 2008 membership dues) and 214 life members.

Of the 370 eligible voters, 323 have an email address in the CALA membership database, of which 154 are current members and 169 are life members; and 47 do not have an email address, of which 2 are current members and 45 are life members.

CALA 2008 Election was set for May 1-15.

An e-ballot was sent to each of the 323 eligible members with an email address on April 30. And a paper ballot was sent to each of the 47 eligible members without an email address a week earlier.

100 e-ballots have been received, of which 4 are invalid as they do not have valid voter id and password. 11 paper ballots have been received. Altogether, there are 107 valid ballots, a 28.9% voting rate.


Here are the election results:
Incoming Vice-President/President-Elect (2009/2010):
Zhijia Shen: 100 (elected)
Vickie Doll Fu: 1
Li Fu: 1
Joyce Chao-Chen Chen: 1
Shuyong Jiang: 1

Treasurer (2008-2010):
Shuyong Jiang: 101 (elected)

Board of Directors (2008-2011):
Vincci Kwong: 49 (elected)
Hong Miao: 35
Dajin Sun: 44 (elected)
Hanrong Wang: 31
Hong Xu: 61 (elected)
Jen-chien Yu: 47 (elected)
Haiwang Yuan: 55 (elected)
Bin Zhang: 43
Li Zhang: 27
Ying Zhong: 31
Li Fu: 1

Bylaws Amendments:
Approve: 97 (approved)
Disapprove: 5

Thanks, Su Chen, for helping count the e-ballots.
Thanks, Amy Seetoo, for helping count the paper ballots.