NE Chapter Election Results

CALA/NE Chapter 2008 election has been held from April 22 to May 6, 2008. I am very glad to see the high voting rate from our members (62%). Thank you all very much for your participating and support! Here is the voting profile:

Total Active Member: 58
Total Voting Ballots Sent Out: 58 (online: 50; mail: 8)
Total Voting Ballots Received: 39 (online: 36; mail: 3)
Total voting ballot rejected: 1 (wrong mailing address)
Total Voting Rate: 62%

The voting results:

Li Sun (Vice President/President Elect (2009-2010): 37 (elected)
Ai-Hua Chen (Secretary): 37 (elected)
Lina Ding (Membership): 35 (elected)
Hung-Yun Chang (Treasurer): 37 (elected)

Since all of our candidates received majority votes from our active members, the voting result is hereby pronounced as effective. Congratulations to our new chapter officers!

Therefore, Esther Lee will be our president to work with the newly elected officers for 2008-2009.

It has been my great pleasure serving as the chapter president for the term of 2007-2008. I have received very strong support and great help from our Chapter Board and our members. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and to gain so many valuable experiences. Please continue to show your strong support to our new chapter officers!

Thank you again.

Songqian Lu President, CALA/NE Chapter