Report on 4th China-US Library Conference

October 23-25 2007 at OCLC, Dublin, Ohio

From Oct. 22-25, the 4th China-US Library Conference was held at OCLC, Dublin, Ohio. 50 delegates from China and US gathered together at OCLC for the 4th China-US Library Conference. Among the US delegates, Haipeng Li and Xudong Jin attended the conference, representing CALA; Shuyong Jiang, Guoqing Li, Haipeng Li and Haiwang Yuan from the CALA Midwest Chapter provided simultaneous interpretation at the conference.

The theme of this conference is "Cooperation among Libraries, Museums, and Archives, in China and the United States." ( Many leading and major players in the fields gave speeches on the cooperation among libraries, museums, and archives and digital preservation from both countries. Issues discussed include digital preservation, intellectual property and copyright, across-sector and international corporations, innovative and transitional developments in the internet environment. Participants paid special attention to possible collaborations between China and United States in digital preservation for cultural memories. It is very encouraging that the conference also provided an opportunity for CALA to promote its Twenty-first Century Librarian Seminar Series project. Haipeng Li and Xudong Jin, along with Shuyong Jiang, Guoqing Li and Haiwang Yuan, gave a power point presentation to introduce this exciting and innovative project to the audience, and their presentation was well received.

Conference participants also had a great time outside of the conference agenda, with old friends reunited and new friends made. The casual chats during the breaks and meals also inspired some good ideas for further collaborations and corporations. Participants left the conference with a consensus of moving forward with the next conference and more frequent conversation between the two countries. It is also very likely that CALA will be more involved in the planning and preparing for the future conferences.

(Prepared by Shuyong Jiang)