New CALA Website Prototype

Dear CALA members and friends,

The current CALA website was first created in 1995, since then there has not been any major change to the interface of our website. In the past few years, new technologies have evolved rapidly, it maybe a good time for us to redesign our website right now in order to improve access and navigation.

As the first phase of our "renovation", our focus will be on the user interface and navigation. In this phase we will not make dramatic changes to the structure of the web site.

Below are two possible redesign options for your consideration. Notice that the new design is only implemented for the front page during the redesign process, no subsequent pages is being changed.

Design 1:
Design 2:

As the user of our website, your suggestion and comment is very valuable to us. If you have any preference, suggestion or comments related to the new designs, please feel free to send it to We appreciate if you send in your suggestion/comment by November 4, 2007. Thank you!

CALA Web Committee.