2012 CALA JCLC Scholarship

Dear CALA Members,

We are pleased to announce that the following CALA members have been awarded the 2012 CALA JCLC Scholarship.  They are as follows:


Sai Deng, Wichita State University Libraries, Kansas

Maria Fung, Brooklyn Public Library, New York

Su Hui Ho, University of California, San Diego, California

Shuqin Jiao, St. Louis University, Missouri

Esther Lee, Queens Borough Public Library, New York

Songqian Lu, New York City College of Technology, New York (Declined)

Jian-zhong Zhou, California State University, Sacramento, California

Kristen Mulvihill, San Jose State University, California

Emily Chan, San Jose State University, California


The contributions of the CALA awardees will definitely bring a strong presence at the JCLC conference.

Special thanks go to CALA’s President, Min Chou, and Executive Director, Haipeng Li, for their support and advice.

The Executive Committee of the CALA Board send their deepest appreciation for the work and contributions of the 2012 CALA JCLC Scholarship Taskforce.


Best wishes,

2012 CALA JCLC Scholarship Taskforce:

Liana Zhou (Chair)

Priscilla C. Yu (Co-Chair)

Carol Kachuen Gee

Dora Ho

Min Liu