Symposium on Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee's Thoughts on Librarianship


Report on Symposium on Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee's Thoughts on  Librarianship


Dear CALA Members:

I am writing to report on the Symposium on Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee's Thoughts on Librarianship, 李华伟博士图书馆学术思想研讨会, held on November 17, 2011 at the Shenzhen Library in Shenzhen, China, co-sponsored by the Zhenzhen Library, Zhongshan University Library, Guangdong Public Library and the Chinese American Librarians Association.  The Symposium was a great success. Over 70 people from mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United States including Dr. Lee's friends and families, participated in the Symposium. CALA was well represented by 11 CALA members who attended the event. The conference organizers were gracious enough to have provided most of us the opportunity to speak.

CALA also presented Dr. Lee with a plaque of distinction to celebrate his accomplishments.  It was certainly a moment of joy and celebration for all, particularly for Dr. Lee.

There was much excitement at the Symposium. As we all know, Dr. Lee has become a legendary figure in the library profession, particularly among Chinese and Chinese American librarians. The symposium served as an excellent platform where his accomplishments, including his contribution to the library scholarship, his leadership in the profession, his love for the field and his care for all who met him, were all captured in this one day event. This event also served as a platform where all of us who followed him along have been fortunately given the direction for the future development for ourselves and for our profession. All present felt blessed by knowing him as a mentor,friend, colleague, and more importantly a leader.

Several CALA members submitted papers but were not able to attend the Symposium, and their papers were either presented by designated CALA members or included in the special publication for the program.  Dr. Lee expressed his appreciation to all.

The one day program ended with much admiration and best wishes for Dr. Lee, celebrating his 80th birthday at the same time. These moments will be long remembered through the wonderful photos taken by those who attended the event. Please see photos through the following links (we are still collecting photos from participants and will have them uploaded to a central site so that they are together for easy viewing):

Congratulations again and best wishes to Dr. Lee!

Haipeng Li
University Librarian
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Executive Director, Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)
Co-Chair, JCLC2012 Steering Committee
Chair, ALA IRC East Asia & Pacific Committee