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2011 CALA President Recognition Award announcement

Dear CALA Members,

I take the great pleasure and pride in announcing that Ms Dora Ho, Ms. Priscilla Yu, and Dr. Camila Alire are the recipients of the 2011 CALA President Recognition Award. The award was in recognition of their great enthusiasm, hard work, dedication, and outstanding contributions to CALA in the past year, and their extraordinary leadership and achievements in the advancement of the library profession.  All recipients are nominated by CALA President, supported by glowing recommendations from CALA members and veteran CALA officers.  I enthusiastically invite you all to join me in congratulating Ms. Dora Ho, Ms Priscilla Yu, and Dr. Camila Alire for their outstanding achievements.

Ms Dora Ho, Young Adult Service Librarian/Program Specialist at Los Angeles Public Library, is a long-time and life member of CALA and has served in many leadership roles.  She was the 2007-2008 President and 2001-2006 Treasurer of CALA, and a member of the Board of Directors for many years. She has chaired numerous committees, of which many led to great successes of projects that significantly impacted our organization and library communities. 

Among many of the successful committees and projects that Dora chaired is the great effort to develop the CALA Organization Manual. In 2005, as part of President Diana Wu's initiative, Dora was appointed chair of the Taskforce on Handbook of Officers, which is now titled CALA Organization Manual, to provide the needed organizational guidelines and instructions for CALA officers. During Dora's presidency in 2007-08, she appointed a new taskforce chair to continue the work, which led to the completion and publication of the first edition of the handbook. Since 2010, she once again has served as chair of the taskforce to revise and update the manual.  Dora has been instrumental in developing this significant document, which is essential in enhancing CALA as a professional organization and will benefit many new CALA leaders in years to come.

Besides her contributions and involvement with CALA, Dora has also accomplished significantly through her active participation in ALA, APALA, and JCLC. She has maintained an outstanding service record and developed a successful trajectory of leadership. She has served as a member, chair or co-chair, and in other leadership roles on numerous ALA committees.  Since 2003, she has been elected and re-elected to serve for three terms as an ALA Councilor at large, and has recently been elected to the ALA Executive Board for 2012-2014. 

Dora's excellent example has inspired many CALA members.  Her special contributions to CALA through her hard work and distinguished leadership in developing the CALA Organization Manual have made a great impact on our organization.

Ms. Priscilla Yu, Professor Emeritus of Library Administration of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has made outstanding contributions to CALA and to the library profession through her decade-long dedication and exemplary work and especially her outstanding contributions to the CALA Newsletter publication as its co-editor.

Throughout her long professional career, Priscilla has served the profession in numerous positions in academic libraries, and been actively involved in many professional organizations. She has served in various leadership roles of ALA. She is a life member and enthusiastic advocate of CALA, and has been passionately involved in CALA activities, serving and chairing many CALA committees.   Retired from her position at U of I in 2006, Priscilla has never retired from her commitment to CALA.  Since 2008, she assumed the position as the co-editor of CALA Newsletter and has been working hard as ever to make the newsletter an excellent publication and communication forum for CALA.  "Under her leadership, CALA Newsletter became the most visible CALA publication for the richness of the content, the proficiency of its presentation, and creativity and attractiveness in style. The Newsletter's perfection and popularity are resulted from Priscilla's countless hours of collecting, editing, designing, proof reading and publishing. The CALA Newsletter demonstrates Priscilla's most recent outstanding contributions to the CALA community and the library profession" commented by her references.

In Priscilla we have found an excellent member of CALA, outstanding leader, and exemplary librarian, whose continuous dedication and contributions to our organization have brought strength and excellence to CALA. 

Dr. Camila Alire, a CALA member, Dean Emeritus at the University of New Mexico and Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and Past ALA President and Past ACRL President, has had a distinguished career in the library profession for nearly forty years. During her long-time distinguished service to the library profession, she served as Dean/Director of many university and college libraries, as well as a school library.   She is currently Professor of Practice (adjunct) at Simmons College for its Ph. D. program in Managerial Leadership in the Information Professions and adjunct professor at San Jose University Executive MLIS program.

Dr. Alire has made significant contributions in advocating access to information for all. She led librarians on development of strategic plan which improved library programs and services to users. She advocated on behalf of users in getting needed library resources to meet their learning, teaching, and research needs.

Dr. Alire has maintained an outstanding record of service to library associations and ethnic caucuses including CALA. She has been active in ALA, ACRL, ARL, and served in numerous leadership roles and chaired numerous committees and successful projects.  She also served in leadership roles of many other library professional organizations such as the Board of  the Greater Western Library Alliance, Association of Research Libraries of New Mexico, among many others. 

Dr. Alire is a strong advocate for diversity and supporter of ethnic caucuses. During her ALA Presidency in 2009-2010, Dr. Alire initiated the Heart of All Communities project, for library advocacy and literacy; and launched the Family Literacy Focus to encourage families in ethnically diverse communities to read and learn together. This initiative awarded each of the five ethnic caucuses including CALA $3,000 to develop and implement innovative family literacy models in libraries serving Native American, Asian American, Pacific American, African American, Chinese American, and Latino communities. These culturally focused family literacy programs brought generations together through innovative literacy activities that emphasize oral and written traditions.

Dr. Alire has made significant contributions to promote China-U.S. librarianship. In May, 2010, Dr. Alire traveled to China and gave keynote speeches about trends in U.S. academic libraries at the CALA 21st Century Librarians Seminar Program at the Shanxi University.  She met with Chinese library leaders to share her leadership experiences and visions with them.  She delivered inspirational speeches to librarians at Beijing University Library.  Dr. Alire is an enthusiastic supporter of CALA.  She took the time to fly to Pasadena to speak at the CALA-Southern California Chapter Meeting during the 2009 California Library Association Annual Conference.

Dr. Alire is an excellent mentor for young and minority librarians.  She has travelled to many LIS programs, library conferences, and other events and made special efforts to meet with them. She met with a group of minority students at the 2009 Information, Diversity, Education, Access, and Libraries Summit at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro campus.  She spent time with the group and encouraged them to develop the necessary leadership skills for the library profession.

Dr. Alire has achieved a distinguished career in library profession. She is an excellent author/writer/presenter/lecturer and a great library leader and outstanding CALA member. Her leadership and contributions to library diversity and promotion of ethnic caucuses has asserted profound impact on the American library profession.

Warm congratulations to Ms. Dora Ho, Ms Priscilla Yu, and Dr. Camila Alire!

Zhijia Shen

CALA President

story | by Dr. Radut