Distinguished Award Announcement

Dear CALA members,
I take the great pleasure in forwarding to you the announcement from the
2011 CALA Award Committee that Dr. Rush G. Miller, Hillman University
Librarian and Director of University Library System of University of
Pittsburgh, is the recipient of the 2011 CALA Distinguished Service Award.
Please join me in congratulating Dr. Miller for his distinguished leadership
and superior achievements in library and information science and his
outstanding contributions to the advancement of Chinese-American
librarianship and cooperation between American and Chinese libraries.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the CALA Award Committee
chaired by Ms Jen-chien Yu, for their dedication to our organization and for
hard and excellent work in reviewing all the nominations and recommending
for this prestigious award of CALA.  Please see the full Committee
announcement below.
My warmest congratulations to Dr. Miller!
CALA President
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It is with great honor and privilege that the 2010-2011 CALA Awards
Committee announces that Dr. Rush G. Miller is the recipient of the 2011
CALA Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Rush G. Miller was co-nominated by Mr. Qiang Zhu, University Librarian,
Peking University, China and Dr. Ching-chih Chen, Professor Emeritus,
Simmons College, Dr. Miller's nomination also received outstanding letters
of recommendation from Dr. Huanwen Cheng (University Librarian, Sun Yat-sen
University Library), Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee (Former Chief, Asian Division, the
Library of Congress), Mr. Jinwei Yan (Director, Wuhan University Libraries),
Dr. Xiaolin Zhang (Director, National Science Library, Chinese Academic of
Sciences), and Dr. Peter Zhou (Assistant University Librarian & Director,
C.V. Starr East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley).

Dr. Rush G. Miller is the Hillman University Librarian and Director,
University Library System (ULS), University of Pittsburgh. In addition to
his outstanding leadership and achievements in librarianship, Dr. Miller is
also a long-time, active life member of CALA.  In the nomination letter, Mr.
Zhu and Dr. Chen, pointed out that Dr. Miller is a "visionary thinker of
library future and a solid scholar of library and information science." Dr.
Miller has published and presented nationally and internationally on a wide
range of topics from diversity, multiculturalism, global partnership and
resource sharing, to many issues affecting academic librarianship today. For
example, in an early book chapter "Leading the Way to Diversity: The
Academic Library's Role in Promoting Multiculturalism" that Dr. Miller
authored in 1994, he shared his vision that academic libraries could play a
leadership role in promoting diversity. To help librarians and information
professionals prepare for the ever-changing environment, Dr. Miller and
co-authors offer theories and real-world examples that can be applied to all
aspects of academic library operation in the 2007 book titled "Beyond
Survival: Managing Academic Libraries in Transition".

Dr. Miller delivered keynote address at Chinese American Librarians
Association (CALA) Annual Conference in 2000 and 2010. Internationally, he
has been playing a key role in initiating and supporting many outreach and
training programs. Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, Former Chief of Asian Division of
Library of Congress commended Dr. Miller as one of the first library deans
in the state of Ohio who supported programs that reached out to Chinese
libraries and librarians in the early 1990's. Over the years Dr. Miller has
presented in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. His knowledge as
well as his vision of the future of academic libraries has impacted many
librarians and information professionals around the world. Dr. Xiaolin
Zhang, Director of National Science Library in China, summed up Dr. Miller's
achievement in scholarship with this statement: "Rush's [Dr. Miller]
greatest contribution to Chinese library communities is his preach of the
changes and encouragement of positive and proactive approach towards the

Dr. Miller initiated the PITT-China librarians training and exchange program
(PITT - University of Pittsburgh). As "a dedicated friend and valuable and
resourceful mentor to Chinese librarians", as stated in the nomination
letter, Dr. Miller created a channel for Chinese librarians to visit and
learn from libraries in the United States and vice versa. To this date, 41
Chinese librarians and library science faculty as well as 14 U.S. librarians
have benefited from the program. When asked about "What kind of impact might
your visit have on your career", one participant noted "learning to be more
broad-minded; thinking beyond one's own library or country; seizing all
kinds of opportunities to learn and contribute." This statement is just one
of the examples that demonstrates the impact of the PITT-China librarians
training and exchange program as well as other outreach initiatives that Dr.
Miller has implemented.

As the nomination letter and supporting documents fully indicate, Dr. Miller
has also played numerous leadership roles in national and international
resources sharing. In the United States, he was one of the key leaders in
forming OhioLink and PALCI. Internationally, Dr. Miller has guided and
facilitated the implementation of the East Asian Gateway Service (EAGS) for
document delivery between major key academic libraries in East Asia and
scholars of the Western world since 1996. This groundbreaking
transcontinental resource sharing service has made far-reaching impact on
the Sino-American library collaboration. It is also the pioneer in resource
sharing and interlibrary loan in China. With Dr. Miller's tireless and
consistent efforts in ULS-China partnership building, EAGS has now expanded
to 17 leading academic libraries in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and
Taiwan, and one research library in Korea. As pointed out in the nomination
letter, each year, more than half of the over 2,000 requests are from the
Chinese partner libraries. The geographical map of the EAGS's U.S.-based
users covers 40 states in America with more than 130 colleges and
universities, and many other organizations.

Dr. Miller has also shown his vision in developing and strengthening East
Asian collections and supporting East Asian librarianship in North America.
With his strong leadership, the University Library System (ULS) of the
University of Pittsburgh has over 40 gift and exchange libraries in East
Asia. ULS and Nanjing University Library have held book exhibitions with
books from both university presses. The ULS East Asian Library received
hundreds of volumes of valuable Chinese studies related books donated by
Nanjing University Library. With Dr. Miller's strong support and advocacy,
ULS and the East Asian Library received a Henry Luce Foundation grant to
organize a 3-week Summer Institute for East Asian Librarianship: China Focus
in 2004. Twenty-eight Chinese Studies librarians in North America benefited
significantly from the program which included vigorous training and
comprehensive subject coverage.

The nomination letter also pointed out that Dr. Miller was dedicated to
helping Chinese libraries in the regions that were stricken by the massive
earthquake on May 12, 2008. Dr Miller led ULS to launch book drive for
English materials for grades 7-12 students in the area. In September, 2008,
Dr. Miller led the delegation of four to present over 1,700 volumes of much
needed materials to libraries in Juyuan Middle School, Beichuan High School,
Mianyang Normal University, and Sichuan University. As stated by Dr. Huanwen
Cheng, Professor and University Librarian at Sun Yat-sen University Library,
Dr. Miller's team was believed to be the only foreign university library
delegation to the area in 2008.

Dr. Miller's accomplishments and innovation in library and information
services are clearly reflected in his nomination and supporting materials.
His effort has truly helped CALA and its members gain greater national and
global visibilities. Moreover, Dr. Miller has consistently been a strong
advocate in providing mentorship to the new, emerging Chinese-American

A devoted library professional for over 37 years, Dr. Miller has ably
demonstrated his leadership in this field. The 2010-2011 CALA Awards
Committee recognizes his outstanding contributions and services to CALA &
Chinese-American Librarianship. We are very pleased to announce that Dr.
Rush G. Miller is the recipient of the 2011 CALA Distinguished Service


2010-2011 CALA Awards Committee:

Wei Cai
Michael Bailou Huang
Jiun Kuo
Ya Wang
Hong Xu
Jen-chien Yu (Chair)
Tim Jiping Zou