Call For Recommendations -- CALA Best Book Award Committee

Dear CALA colleagues,

The CALA Best Book Award Committee (BBA) would like to invite you to recommend books for the CALA 2010 Best Books List.  The purpose of the Best Book List is to promote 10 best books on Chinese topics by Chinese or Chinese descent authors to libraries and individuals in North America. The BBA members will select books in the categories of academic, adult non-fiction and fiction, young adult non-fiction and fiction, and juvenile books based on your recommendations.

Eligible Work

  • Topics: related to Chinese language and Chinese culture including Chinese Americans.
  • Author identification: Chinese or Chinese descent (Author self-identified)
  • Publishing date and place: Copyrighted 2010 and published first time in USA and Canada
  • Language: Chinese, English, or bilingual/multilingual with either English or Chinese

*Works must have been published by a commercial or non-profit publisher (publishing house, professional association, etc.) and available to the public in print.  

*Self-published and/or privately distributed works and exclusive Internet publications are not eligible.

*Anthologies are not eligible.

General Book Selection Criteria: (follow the ALA Notable Books Criteria):

  • Possesses exceptional literary merit
  • Expands the horizons of human knowledge
  • Makes a specialized body of knowledge accessible to the non-specialist
  • Has the potential to contribute significantly to the solution of a contemporary problem
  • Presents a unique concept
  • Is of concern to the general reader

Required Information for Recommendations:

Author: ____________________

Title: _______________________

Publisher ___________________

Online bib link if available _______________

Please send your recommendations with the bibliographical information to any of the following BBA members no later than February 28,2011:

Hong Cheng (Co-Chair)
Shuqin Jiao (Co-Chair)
Hongyu Li (2010-2011)
Guoying Liu (2010-2012)
Leo Lo (2010-2012)
Warren Wright (2010-2011)
Xiuying Zou (2010-2011)