2010 CALA Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng

Dear CALA Members:

It is with great honor and privilege that the Award Committee announces Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng is the recipient of the 2010 CALA Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Jeng has impressed the Committee with her outstanding accomplishments and extraordinary success at national and international levels in her 33 years of services.

Professor Jeng has been the Director of Library and Information Science at Texas Woman's University since 2004. The university has one of the largest library science programs offering master's and doctoral degrees for over 500 students. Dr. Jeng is the only Chinese American now serving in such an important position. She also had teaching experience at University of Kentucky, University of California, Los Angeles and University of Maryland.

Dr. Jeng is an exceptional leader and remarkable achiever in librarianship and library science education. She has been highly recognized both in the United States and Taiwan. As a prolific writer, she has more than 40 publications. As a professor, she has not only taught 20 different graduate courses, but also advised 18 doctoral students on their dissertations. As a scholar, she has made more than 80 presentations at conferences, meetings and workshops. As a librarian, she is the recipient of eight honors and awards. As a professional, she has applied for more than 20 grants, of which 16 have been granted in the total amount of more than a million dollars including the IMLS National Leadership Grant of $200,000. As a distinguished Chinese American, she has tirelessly dedicated herself to the recognition and development of Chinese Americans in her professional career.

Dr. Jeng's contribution to librarianship particularly in Chinese American librarianship is immense. She has been professionally active in ALA, CALA, and other organizations. She served CALA in various capacities with distinction and was elected CALA’s president 1999-2000. As APALA Executive Director, Dr. Jeng played a key role for the first joint conference – National Conference of Asian Pacific American Librarians- a success, involving both Chinese American Librarians Association and Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association.

Dr. Jeng demonstrated strong commitment to promote and advocate the library. She has testified at the National Library Commission on Libraries and Information Science. A commensurate professional, Dr. Ling Hwey Jeng has generously lent her support to new CALA leaders. She has been elected to the ALA Council multiple times and is currently serving as a Councilor-at-Large. Her colleagues witness her passion and strong advocacy for library and information science professionals and other issues that are important to the profession. She stands out particularly on her support for minority students and equal access for all. She has a passionate spirit, and she is always engaged in the process to move the work forward in a positive manner. She is a friendly colleague to all, even those who may have opposed to her particular points of view.

The establishment of the Distinguished Service Award is to recognize Chinese American's achievements and contributions in librarianship in general and Chinese American librarianship in particular. The Award Committee has carefully reviewed all submitted materials. After thorough discussion and deliberation, the Award Committee believes, unanimously and strongly, that Dr. Jeng is a well qualified individual to receive the 2010 CALA Distinguished Service Award. The Committee truly appreciates the genuine recommendations and nomination from the nominator and supporters.

Respectfully submitted by,

The CALA 2009-2010 Award Committee
Li Fu, Chair lfu@csu.edu
Wen-Ling Liu wliu@indiana.edu
Lan Shen shenlan@calumet.purdue.edu
Yingqi Tang tang@jsu.edu
Raymond Wang rwang@ccbcmd.edu
Jing Xu jxu@scsd.us
Li Zhang lzhang@library.msstate.edu