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English Editor of JLIS




Edit and submit articles for publication in the journal of the Association in accordance with the editorial policies established by the Board; oversee the publication and distribution of the journal; prepare budget request and manage the authorized journal budget; serve as an ex-officio member of the Publication Committee; and submit semi-annual and annual reports to the Board through the president and the executive director prior to the midwinter and annual meetings.

Composition & Term(s) of Office

English Editor of JLIS

English Appointed by the CALA president and approved by Editor of the CALA Board of Directors for a three-year term. Official term starts immediately at the end of the ALA annual conference. A second consecutive term of three years may be appointed. The English editor also serves as chair of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board, and on the JLIS Editorial Board. English Editor of JLIS reports to CALA Board of Directors and Editor of JLIS

JLIS English Editorial Board

Consists of five regular members including the chair. Membership of the board is recommended by the chair and formally appointed by CALA president. Official term starts immediately at the
end of the ALA annual conference. A second  consecutive term of three years may be appointed. CALA president, chair of the publications
committee, and the JLIS editor of book reviews are ex-officio of the Board.

Major Responsibilities

• English editor of JLIS is responsible for the solicitation, review, referee process, selection, and editing of all English
articles for publication in the JLIS.
• English editor is authorized to make decisions based on the referee comments and committee review about which
English articles to publish and to notify the authors of the acceptance of their articles and in which issue their articles
will be published.
• English editor shall provide three or more quality English
• articles appropriate for publication for each issue of JLIS.
• English Editor shall keep statistics and archives of the JLIS relating its publication of English articles and provide anannual report to the JLIS editorial board and CALA Board of Directors.
• English Editor shall actively promote the journal and solicit quality articles for publication in the United States and throughout the world.
• As chair of the JLIS CALA Editorial Board, the English Editor will lead the Board to accomplish these expectations.


To provide for the two issues of JLIS scheduled to be published in April and October each year, the English article review process follows these timeline and procedures:

• English Editor will send out a call for papers to CALA listserv and other appropriate venues in January and June every year.
• Within two weeks of receipt of a manuscript, the English Editor will forward the manuscript to a board member according to the order of the board roster for review and notify the author of receipt of the manuscript.
• The reviewing board member should send each article to two referees selected from the "list of JLIS referees" ("The list of JLIS referees" is developed and maintained by the English Editorial Board) according to their background of expertise.
• A letter and referee questionnaire will be sent to the referees (please use the form letter and questionnaire).
• The referees will be given 4 weeks to complete the review.
• The reviewing board member will communicate his/her recommendations to the English Editor based on the referee comments within two weeks after the articles are returned from the referees.
• The English Editor will notify the author of the decision about their article within two weeks after receiving the recommendations and copy the reviewing board member.
• The reviewing board member will then work with the author whose article have been accepted to revise the article according to referee comments and submit the final version of the article in camera ready form to the English Editor at least one month before the expected publication date.
• The reviewing board member will forward all review documents to the English Editor along with the camera ready article.
• The English Editor will conduct the final proof-reading of the camera ready articles and send them along with review documents to the JLIS Chinese editor, who serves as the NTNU liaison of JLIS English Editorial Board, for publication and documentation.


• Maintains the content of about JLIS on CALA website
• Send out call for papers to CALA membership and other library organizations
• Make announcement to CALA membership when the new issue is published.

Report Due Dates

Interim: Two weeks before the board meeting at mid-winter meeting.
Annual: Two weeks before the board meeting at annual conference.

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