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Web Committee




Assist the Webmaster to develop and refine the Association's websites.

Composition & Term(s) of Office

Makeup: The Web Committee should be made up with the Webmaster and chapter webmasters. The number of members, including the chairperson, shall be an odd number. The exact number of members is to be decided by the president.
Chair: The chairperson is Webmaster, who serves a three- year term and can be reappointed for a second term.
Member: Members of the Web Committee shall be appointed for a staggered two-year term and can be re¬appointed for a consecutive term. Members of the committee shall be personal member in good standing.


The first web advisory committee was established as an ad hoc committee by the President in 2004. After 3 years, it became a standing committee in 2007.

Major Responsibilities

• Maintenance and development of the CALA Web site.

Communication & Consultation

• President
• Executive Director
• Committee Chairs

Report Due Dates

Interim: Interim report is due in December 31.
Annual: Annual report is due by May 31.


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