Representatives to ALA Diversity Committee


• Represent CALA as an organization to the ALA on diversity issues
• Report news and initiatives of CALA to ALA members or committees
• Share news and activities or programs of other ethnic caucuses or ALA affiliates to CALA members and leaders
• Address concerns or issues as a collective group to ALA members or leaders

Term of Office

Makeup: Odd number including the chair of the committee. The two members are appointed by the presiding president of CALA. This is not specified in Constitution and bylaws of CALA
Chair: Chair is selected and appointed by ALA president.
Member: Term of office according to Constitution and bylaws. Appointed by the President with the advice of the Board

Major Responsibilities

• List goals of the committee by bullets.
• Report on the CALA activities as requested by the Committee. Twice a year.
• Attend the meetings of the Diversity Council Committees; usually Friday afternoons of ALA Midwinter meeting and Saturday afternoons of ALA Annual meeting.
• Attend the CALA's Board meetings and membership meetings and report back of the Diversity Council's goals and activities.


• Send out the "Call for Nomination" to CALA members via CALA listserv.
• Shall announce the list of nominees in the CALA Newsletter or CALA Web, whenever possible.
• Write to the CALA newsletter as necessary or required.


• January

o Send out "Call for Nomination"

• February

o Contact the nominees for consent and statements for the positions

• March

o Finalize the list of nominees and compile biographies and statements for annual election

• April

o Present to the President the list of nominees (at least two months prior to the annual membership meeting).

• May

o Count ballots with committee members, and announce results

Report Due Dates

Interim: Two weeks before the board meeting at mid-winter meetings.
Annual: Two weeks before the board meeting at annual conferences