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Public Relations & Fundraising Committee




  • Prepare all news related materials to promote association
  • Solicit funds for association

Composition & Term(s) of Office

Makeup: Odd number including the chair of the committee
Chair: Appointed for a one-year term and can be re-appointed for a consecutive term
Member: Appointed by the President with the advice of the Board for a staggered two year term and may be re¬appointed for a consecutive term

Major Responsibilities

• Prepare and distribute news releases
• Organize fund raising activities and programs to support the association
• Solicit advertisements for Annual Membership Directory

Communication & Consultation

• Executive Director
• President
• Chairperson of Membership Committee

Report Due Dates

Interim: Two weeks before the board meeting at mid-winter meeting.
Annual: Two weeks before the board meeting at annual conference.

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