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Program Planning Committee




Plans, coordinates and delivers a program for the CALA Annual Meeting.

Composition & Term(s) of Office

Makeup: Shall consist of chair and members
Chair: Vice President/President Elect, one year term
Member: One year term, cannot serve a second consecutive term

Major Responsibilities

• Development a theme of the annual program
• Invite speakers for the program
• Publicize Program


• In consultation with chair, decide on a program topic that will appear to CALA members
• Secure speakers for the program.
• Handle all publicity for the event.
• Oversee the event.
• Provide list of Speakers to Local Arrangement Committee, to assist speaker and invite speakers to annual banquet.


• Send annual program publicity to Webmaster to mount on CALA's website.
• Make Flyers available for CALA Booth
• Send program announcement and flyers to CALA Listsery


Two years ahead
• July

o Contact committee members

• August

o Develop a theme for the program

• September

o Solicit speakers

• November

o Finalize speakers

• December

o Submit Progress Report
o Send invitation letters to speaker and specify deadline for reply.
o Inform and communicate with committee members about progress of speakers accepting the invitation

One year ahead
• January

o Prepare program information and finalize speakers Inform Board about theme and speakers of program

• June

o Submit Program Request to ALA

Six months before program
• January

o Prepare publicity and flyers for program to be distributed at ALA Midwinter Meeting Conference

• April

o Make announcement on CALA listsery to promote program

• May

o Remind speakers of location and time and date of program


Report Due Dates

Interim: Two weeks before the board meeting at mid-winter meeting.
Annual: Two weeks before the board meeting at annual conference.

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