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Newsletter Editor


• Edit, publish, and distribute the newsletter of the Association in accordance with the editorial policies established by the Board;
• Prepare budget request and manage the authorized newsletter budget;
• Serve as an ex-officio member of the Publication Committee;
• Submit semi-annual and annual reports to the Board through the president and the executive director prior to the midwinter and annual meetings.

Committee Composition

• The Board shall appoint a newsletter editor from the membership of the Association for a three-year term. The newsletter editor can be re-appointed for a second consecutive term.
• Newsletter Editor shall be personal member in good standing


The position of Newsletter Editor was created in 1973 when CALA was established. Since 2000, CALA Newsletter has been published exclusively online.


• Send out "Call for Submissions" via CALA listserv.
• Announce the publication of each issue on the CALA listserv and CALA Web.

Communication & Consultation

• Executive Director
• President
• Committee Chairs


• July

o Send out "Call for Submissions" for the summer issue.

• September

o Publish the summer issue.

• January

o Send out "Call for Submissions" for the Winter issue.

• February

o Publish the Winter issue.

Report Due Dates

Intermin: Two weeks before the board meeting at mid wintermeeting.
Annual: Two weeks before the board meeting at annual conferences

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