Local Arrangements Committee


Ad hoc


The Committee shall make recommendations to the CALA President and Executive Director of its decisions on the location and price of the CALA Banquet

Composition & Term(s) of Office

Makeup: Shall consist of 3-5 members including the Committee chair. Term of appointment will be one year
Chair: Chair and members are appointed by the President
Member: All members should be CALA members in good standing

Major Responsibilities

• Work with the Program Committee and other pertinent committees to successfully plan on the annual program and award banquet
• Find a CALA Banquet location
• Conclude a price scheme for the Banquet and refer it to the CALA President
• Solicit gifts for door prizes and sponsors/supporters for the Program and Banquet
• Responsible for local news/media coverage of the Program and Banquet
• Responsible for the Banquet registration
• Report and communicate with the President, Vice President and Executive Director of CALA closely
• Final decisions on announcement, location, price, invited quests is from the CALA President
• Responsible for the design, content and printing of the Banquet Program, including cost


• Upkeep a record of business conducted
• Design and negotiate a menu and price for the Banquet with the selected restaurant
• Make a tentative timeline which indicates the various steps of tasks need to be accomplished, e.g. timeline date for finding a location 12-3 months before Banquet], deadline date for Banquet Registration [1 month before the Banquet], time to contact media, time to make announcement, etc.
• Set up a registration procedure, including designating a chief responsible person


• Included in Banquet program with entertainment, door prize drawing, and a Master of Ceremony
• Release the Banquet news to CALA members or other library associations, communities via CALA listsery or CALA website, by consultation with CALA President and CALA website master
• Contact various news/media nationally and locally for the announcement of the Program and Banquet

Communication & Consultation

• President
• Vice President (Program Chair)
• Executive Director
• Web Administrator


• March

o Begins soliciting door prizes for Annual Program, Selects Restaurant for Annual Banquet, and requests check from Treasurer for Deposit

• April

o Announces Annual Banquet and Ticket Information and deadline for early bird on listsery and website.

• May

o Early bird deadline for Annual Banquet. Cut off date for receiving payment.
o Local Arrangement Committee solicits volunteers to staff booth at annual meeting

Report Due Dates

Interim: Two weeks before the board meeting at mid-winter meetings.
Annual: Two weeks before the board meeting at annual conferences