Immediate Past President


The purpose of the CALA Immediate Past President is to oversee and chair CALA Nominating Committee and to serve as an advisor on Executive Board.

Term(s) ofOffice

Serving one-year term and can not serve a consecutive term

Major Responsibilities

• Chair the Nominating Committee, which consists of all chapter presidents or her/his designees
• Issue "Call for Nomination" for the following positions: Vice President/President-Elect, 5 members for Board of Directors, and Executive Director when needed
• Ensure all nominees are personal members in good standing and are eligible to run for the above elected positions
• Solicit biographical information and candidate statements from all qualified nominees
• Coordinate with Nominating Committee members to select the top nominees to be included in the election ballot. The number of nominees should be between 5 to 10 for the Board of Directors, and no more than 3 for the Vice President/President-Elect, and no more than 3 for Executive Director.
• Present the slate to the Board of Directors at the midwinter board meeting
• Upon approval, inform qualified nominees for the incoming election, forward the slate to the Election Committee, under the supervision of the Executive Board


• see above under responsibilities

Record Keeping

• The Immediate Past President maintains copies of all correspondence, time tables from the Nominating Committee, and their correspondence and records from nominees, including those self nominated members.
• Maintains all correspondence and nominees' biographical information and candidate statements.
• Maintains the slate that has been approved by the Board of Directors

Communication & Consultation

• The President
• Executive Board and members of the Nominating Committee

Reminders and Helpful Hints

• Procedures for meeting the deadlines: Refresh your memory of the CALA Handbook, the CALA Constitution and Bylaws. Maintaining a close working relationship with the Executive Board will be mutually beneficial.
• Helpful Hints: Saving email addresses and building a group email distribution lists of all Nominating Committee members, Board of Directors, and nominees in your electronic address book are time savers.


• July

o Confirm with the Executive Board and Board of Directors for the vacant positions

• August

o Set schedules for the nomination
o Send email to all Nominating Committee members informing their responsibilities and deadlines

• September

o In consultation with the Nominating Committee, prepare "Call for Nomination" statement the first week right after the Labor Day weekend
o Ask for Nominating Committee members consensus to issue "Call for Nomination" in the third week
o Send "Call for Nomination" to CALA listsery no later than September 20

• October

o Send the first "reminder" to CALA listsery in the middle of the month

• November

o Send the second "reminder" to CALA listsery no later than November 10
o Close "Call for Nomination" before November 20 or one month after issuing of "Call for Nomination" whichever comes first
o Secure nominees' consensus to run for those elected positions. At the same time, solicit biographical information and candidate statements from those agreed to run one week after closing of "Call for Nomination."

• December

o December 10 is the deadline to collect biographical information and candidate statements
o December 15 or the closest Monday, review qualifications of all nominees with the Nominating Committee to select the top candidates
o December 20, or the closest Monday, inform the candidates for their eligibility to run in the incoming election

• January

o One week after the New Year holiday, submit the mid-year report with the slate of qualified candidates along with their biographical information and candidate statements to the Executive Director and President. This will be an agenda item for Board's approval.

• Midwinter

o Report at the Board meetings and ask for their approval of the slate.

• Post Midwinter

o Forward the approved slate to the Election Committee