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Second Vice President/President-Elect


1. To become familiar with CALA vision, mission, goals, and operational procedures.

2. To assist the CALA Executive Committee and the Board of Directors in formulating agendas, strategies, and implementation processes.

3. To share duties and responsibilities of the CALA Executive Committee.

4. To serve as a non-voting member of the CALA Executive Committee.


Serves a one-year term as Second Vice President/President-Elect (Incoming Vice President/President-Elect).


1. Contributes to the discussion and decision-making processes of the CALA Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

2. Serves as a lead person to update the CALA strategic plan, objectives, and implementation plans.

3. Assumes the vice presidency if the Vice President/President-Elect resigns or becomes unable to complete his or her term.

4. Plans and prepares a Diversity Fair program to be held at the ALA Annual conference. Calls for volunteers to staff the CALA Diversity Fair Booth.

5. Represents CALA in the Spectrum Scholar events at the ALA Annual conference and Midwinter when CALA officers are invited.

6. Represents CALA at meetings sponsored by ALA Diversity Office and Spectrum Scholar Program when needed.

7. Attends luncheons of the ALA affiliates with the CALA President, Vice President/President-Elect, and Executive Director, when needed, during ALA Annual conference and Midwinter. Attends caucus presidents' luncheons/dinners at ALA when needed.

8. Keeps CALA President, Vice President/President-Elect, Executive Director, and Treasurer advised and informed on issues relevant to CALA's operations and well-being.

9. Submits interim and annual reports on assigned duties and responsibilities.

10. Starts working on the CALA annual program theme as soon as the term begins. Submits a program request to the relevant ALA office 12 months in advance of the program.

11. Serves as mentor to the incoming Second Vice President/ President-Elect when becoming Vice President/President-Elect.


1. President

2. Vice President/President-Elect

3. Immediate Past President

4. Executive Director

5. Treasurer

6. Board of Directors

7. Chapter presidents

8. Committee chairs, taskforce chairs, and ad hoc program liaisons

9. Appropriate CALA members


1. ALA Handbook of Organization

2. Robert's Rules of Order (for CALA official meeting procedures)

3. CALA Constitution and Bylaws

4. CALA documents (meeting minutes, committee reports, newsletters, etc.) on CALA website

5. CALA forms on CALA website

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