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Vice President/President-Elect


1. To become familiar with CALA's vision, mission, goals, and operational procedures.

2. To assist the President, Executive Director, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors in formulating agendas, strategies, and implementation procedures.

3. To share duties and responsibilities of the CALA Executive Committee.

4. To serve as a voting member of the CALA Executive Committee.


Serves a one-year term as Vice President/President-Elect (Incoming President).


1. Assumes the presidency if the President resigns or becomes unable to complete his or her term.

2. Appoints committee chairs and members for the following year in consultation with the Executive Committee.

3. Maintains close contact with CALA officers and the ALA Staff Liaison on issues related to the CALA annual program.

4. Presides over the CALA annual program at the ALA Annual conference of the year.

5. Represents CALA at relevant meetings sponsored by the ALA Diversity Office and Spectrum Scholar Program.

6. Attends caucus presidents' luncheons/dinners at the ALA Annual conference when required.

7. Attends relevant meetings and events during ALA Annual conference and Midwinter when needed.

8. Submits a complete CALA annual program proposal to ALA prior to ALA Midwinter (six months in advance of the program).


1. President

2. Second Vice President/President-Elect

3. Immediate Past President

4. Executive Director

5. Treasurer

6. Board of Directors

7. Chapter presidents

8. Committee chairs, taskforce chairs, and ad hoc program liaisons

9. Appropriate CALA members



1. Send preliminary conference schedule to the ALA Staff Liaison.

2. Ask the Liaison to check that all those who should receive conference mailings are on the Conference Arrangements Office (CAO) list.

3. Follow ALA's announcements and take necessary actions.


1. Review planning reports and examine goals and objectives for the year.

2. Remind Public Relations/Fundraising Committee Chair(s) to request vendor support through Exhibitor Contact & Relations Committee.


Prepare preliminary flyers of the CALA annual program for ALA Midwinter meetings.


1. Submit VP interim report for ALA Midwinter meetings.

2. Submit a complete CALA annual program proposal to ALA prior to ALA Midwinter.


1. Represent CALA at ALA caucus presidents' luncheons/dinners and Spectrum Scholar Program. Bring CALA flyers and membership application forms to these meetings. (This usually happens on Thursday.)

2. Participate in ALA's new officer orientation. (This usually happens on Friday evening).

3. Present the CALA annual program budget to the Board for approval.


Contact committee chairs for possible recommendations of committee members to serve as chair for the coming year.


1. Call for volunteers to serve on various committees.

2. Request that the Nominating Committee and Executive Director include newly elected officers in the new membership directory as early as possible.


Contact the Second VP to see if a proposal for the Diversity Fair is being submitted.


1. Send committee appointments roster to the Membership Committee Chair for inclusion in the membership directory.

2. Stay in contact with CALA annual program speakers.

3. Send a reminder to CALA Listserv to invite all members to the CALA annual program.


1. Contact CALA annual program speakers to ensure there is no last minute emergency.

2. Prepare the annual report.

3. Prepare, revise, and update the Vice President entry in the CALA Handbook and send revised copy to the Handbook Chair or appropriate person in charge.


1. Speak at ALA Spectrum Scholar Orientation/Career Fair or appoint a CALA speaker for this event.

2. Represent CALA at such ALA functions as caucus presidents' luncheons/dinners with President (on Thursday evening).

3. Assume the role of President at the 2nd Board meeting and preside at the meetings.

4. Attend Division Presidents' Luncheon at ALA.

5. Attend all CALA functions.


1. Transfer files to the new Vice President/President-Elect.

2. Assume the duties and obligations of President.



Prepare reports at the ALA Midwinter and Annual conferences.


Prepare annual budget to be presented at Midwinter after assuming presidency.


1. ALA Handbook of Organization

2. Robert's Rules of Order (for CALA official meeting procedures)

3. CALA Constitution and Bylaws

4. CALA documents (meeting minutes, committee reports, newsletters, etc.) on CALA website

5. CALA forms on CALA website

6. Other relevant information sources

7. Consultation with the ALA Staff Liaison (currently, Satia Orange)

8. Close working relationship with the Executive Committee

9. ALA deadlines for conference program planning

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