CALA Updates, September 2008

Dear CALA members and friends:

When the beautiful fall of the year comes, CALA Officers, Board of Directors, committee and taskforce chairs and members, and chapter presidents and officers are busy working on their tasks.  We would like to share some of them with you.

CALA Board of Directors held a special online meeting in August.  The Board unanimously passed a resolution to support the City of Palo Alto Library Bond Campaign. The goal of this library campaign is to bring the 50-year-old libraries in the city into the 21st   century and up to par with libraries in neighboring cities/communities. To achieve that goal, the city will need to get the 72 million library bond measure (Measure N) passed on November 4th to rebuild and renovate the existing libraries. Irene Yeh, board member of the Palo Alto Library Bond Campaign Committee, Palo Alto Library Foundation, and a former CALA President, pointed out that with more Asian Americans move into City of Palo Alto in the recent years, we hope to mobilize their support in the campaign. She said that “we are counting on CALA's endorsement to help persuade them into action.  It is wonderful that some CALA local members have already offered to assist us in the campaign work.”   Sally C. Tseng, CALA Honorary Executive Director, coordinated CALA’s effort to support this important measure. For more information about this library campaign, please visit the web site at

At the special online meeting in September, CALA Board of Directors unanimously approved the 2008-2009 CALA budget proposal presented by Sha Li Zhang, CALA President.  The budget proposal was initially introduced and discussed at the CALA Board Meeting I on June 30, 2008 in Anaheim, California. The input and changes from the board members were incorporated into the final version of the proposal.  The 2008-2009 CALA budget plan was closely connected with the CALA projects and initiatives outlined in the CALA 2010 Strategic Plan.
The deadline for the CALA nomination is fast approaching, on October 18, 2008.  The Nominating Committee, chaired by Dora Ho, immediate CALA Past President, is working very hard to seek the nominations for the following positions: Vice President/President Elect 2010-2011 (2nd VP 2009-2010), Board of Directors 2009-2012 (5 positions), and Executive Director 2009-2010 (1 position).  If you are interested in running for theses CALA positions, please go to the CALA web site at for more information and for relevant forms. CALA, as a membership-driven organization, needs your talents, time, and efforts to serve on these positions.

The Web Committee has launched the new CALA web site at  Many thanks go to Bin Zhang and Vincci  Kwong, co-chairs of the committee.  They have led a group of talented CALA members in redesigning the web site and adding many new functions. Because this is a huge undertaking, it may take some time to complete the migration to transfer all materials from the old web site to the new one. The committee continues taking input and suggestions from CALA members to improve the web site functionality. Please contact Bin Zhang ( and Vincci Kwong ( if you have any question or suggestion.

The Membership Committee, led by co-chairs Songqian Lu and Elaine Dong, has planned several initiatives to recruit and retain CALA membership.  They have reviewed CALA 2010 Strategic Plan and the Self Assessment report, identified doable action items, and formed subcommittees to carry out the plans. They will be in touch with some of you for assistance in the membership recruitment efforts.  Please offer your advice and guidance when you are asked.

The Mentorship Program, chaired by Wenwen Zhang this year, has revised the mentorship program announcement which is posted on the website with a new deadline and the names of the new committee members. Each year, we have new people joining CALA. Providing them with guidance and assistance is a very important step to help retain these new members.  Therefore, when the committee contacts you and asks you to serve as a mentor to new CALA members, please offer your assistance.

The Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in 512 Earthquake Areas in China, led by Sally C. Tseng, CALA Honorary Executive Director, has worked on its full speed. More than 150 individuals and organizations have donated more than $18,000 to support the rebuilding library projects. The taskforce is also communicating with the Library Society of China to identify the most needed items, collections, and librarians and staff for support. For more information, please visit the taskforce’s newly updated web site at

The 2008 China - U.S. Forum on Library Practices, a part of the CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Series, was held from July 11 to 13, 2008 in Kunming, Yunnan Province in China. The event was a huge success. Haiwang Yuan, the seminar team leader, reported that 190 librarians from over 50 institutions in China attended the forum. James Rettig, ALA President, provided a keynote speech at the forum. Other CALA members, Xueming Bao, Robert Fernekes, Hong Miao, and Liana Hong Zhou, participated this event and gave the presentations. For the report from the event, please visit at :

The event photos can be found at

At the Annual Conference in June 2008, the CALA Board of Directors approved a recommendation from the Finance Committee to provide four CALA Travel Grants per year, $500 for each, to assist CALA members for their professional development activities. The Taskforce on the CALA Travel Grant Guidelines, led by Mengxiong Liu, CALA past president, is charged to develop the appropriate guidelines for  the grant applications.  Mengxiong and her team are busy working on these guidelines which are expected to be presented to the Board of Directors for an approval at the Midwinter Meeting in January 2009.  If all goes well, the call for applying the grants will be out in spring 2009.

Min Chou, newly appointed English Editor for Journal of Library and Information Science, is leading her editorial board to aggressively recruit articles for a quality publication. In addition to traditional recruitment channels, the board also explores the promotional venues that will reach the librarians around the globe. If you have manuscripts or if you wish to share your professional knowledge and experience through publications, please contact Min Chou at or visit the editorial board web site at

While CALA committees, taskforces, and the JLIS English editorial board have had a busy start with their tasks, all seven chapters are also planning their activities. Reported by Jing Zhong, Greater Mid-Atlantic Chapter President, the chapter hosted a presentation by Professor Jonathan Chaves from the George Washington University on September20, 2008, at Rockville Public Library.  The presentation featured on Cloud Gate Song : the Verse of Tang Poet Zhang Ji 张籍 (几时天下复古乐,此瑟还奏云门曲). The details of the program can be found at Yi Liang, Northern California Chapter President, reported that the chapter is planning a community outreach program and a banquet for the 110th Annual Conference of the California Librarian Association to be held in San Jose on November 16, 2008. The Northeast Chapter is planning to present an evening of Chinese Music at the Queens Library in Flushing on November 26, 2008.  This partnership with the Library is wonderful, because the talented musicians will be paid by the Library, according to Esther Lee, the chapter president.

Other news
The ALA committee and Council committee online volunteer form is now available, at: The form allows members to select a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of committees to volunteer for.  They are asked to provide the following information: their past and current ALA service to committees, offices and as an Emerging Leader or Spectrum Scholar, education, ALA participation on committees, offices, and related activities, state, regional, and other library associations participation (committees, offices, activities, including dates), number of years as ALA member. 

Stay tuned…

Sha Li Zhang, CALA President
Haipeng Li, CALA Interim Executive Director