Mr. Xudong Jin

Xudong Jin received his MLS from St. John's University in 1994. He has been serving as Associate Director of Libraries and Head of Technical Services at Ohio Wesleyan University since 2000. His major responsibilities include participating in LIS management work and overseeing Technical Services operations including acquisitions, cataloging, serials, government documents, staffing, budget, collection development, and systems.

As a CALA life member, Xudong served as CALAMW Program Committee Chair in 2003/04, CALAMW President in 2004/05, CALA Board of Directors from 2005 to 2008, and CALA International Relations Committee Co-Chair in 2006/67. He attended many CALA annual programs since 1998 and all the CALAMW annual programs since 2002. This spring Xudong was elected as the CALA VP/PE for 2008-2009

Xudong also served as Chair of ALA PromptCat Users Group Meeting in 2003/04, a consultant of Yunnan Library in China since 2005, and member of OhioLINK DMS Committee since 2003.

Last year, Xudong headed the delegation to Yunnan University for the CALA MW Chapter Librarian Seminar pilot project, which was a great success.

This year, Xudong served as Co-chair of CALA International Relations Committee, and on several other CALA committees. He strongly supported the Board’s decision of expanding the CALAMW pilot project to the CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Series program as an ongoing program.

Xudong also coordinated a group of 11 CALA members for completing the book Academic Libraries in the United States for the 21st Century: Theories and Practices, for which Xudong was chief editor, and the book will be published by Beijing Library Press this year.

Haipeng Li
CALA President (2006/2007)