Article III. Board Meetings

Section 1. Regular and Special Meetings

There shall be at least two regular meetings of the Board each year. The meetings shall be held in person or online either in conjunction with the American Library Association Midwinter or Annual conferences, or as called by the President. Board members are expected to attend at least fifty percent of the called board meetings each year. Absence for two consecutive board meetings without prior written permission from the president will result in the removal of that director from the Board.


Section 2. Quorum and Voting

At any regular or special board meeting, the presence of a simple majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. The president of the Association shall determine the presence of a quorum and call the meeting to order. If a quorum is not present, business transacted by the body shall be unofficial and nonbinding on the Association. The quorum requirement also applies to any vote conducted at board meetings. Any member who concurrently holds more than one board position shall only cast one vote. The presiding officer may break the tie if he/she hasn't already voted. If everyone has voted, and it is still a tie, then the motion is lost. Vote must be cast in person. Vote by proxy is not allowed.