Announcing the recipient of the 2016 CALA Sheila Lai Research Award

Dear CALA Members, 


The CALA Sheila Lai Research Award Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Sharon Yang as the 2016 recipient of the Sheila Lai Award. Her proposals cited below is selected as the winner: 


The first one is an empirical study on I-LEARN, which aims to find out any difference between traditional teaching of information literacy and the new I-LEARN model. It also investigates how to implement I-LEARN in teaching research instruction.


The second one research project is a presentation entitled “A Comparative Study of Education Exemptions to Copyright in the United States and Europe” scheduled for the summer of 2016 for the 3rd Annual International Conference on Library and Information in Athens, Greece. 


Highlights of committee evaluation of Yang’s proposal:


The committee believes Dr. Yang's proposed research projects are of high originality.  I-LEARN is a unique project as most library instruction literature focused on the ACRL IL framework. The I-LEARN project can generate discussions and contribute to the area of library instruction. Fair use/copyright is a topic of interest in LIS and Dr Yang's project is unique given it's a comparative study of US and European fair use and copyright. 


Dr. Yang will be awarded $500 at the 2016 CALA Annual Awards Banquet to be held on Sunday, June 26, 2016 in conjunction with the ALA Conference in Orlando, Florida. 


Sharon Yang is a Professor-Librarian at Franklin F. Moore Library, Rider University in New Jersey. Dr. Yang has been a long time CALA member. She is a library technical consultant and Systems Librarian in implementing new technologies. Dr. Yang is an active LIS scholar and has published books and peer-review journal articles.


Please join us in congratulating Dr. Yang and wishing her continued success in pursuit of excellence in research.


Yijun Gao (Chair),


On behalf of the Sheila Lai Research Award Committee, 2015-2016