CALA Award Policy and Procedure

CALA Award Policy and Procedure

Approved August 2, 2017, by the Board of Directors

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA,, a non-profit
organization with 501(c)3 tax exempt status, recognizes the importance of awards
including scholarships, travel grants, and monetary awards, that are developed for
enhancing members’ professional growth and appreciating members’ contribution to the
association. These awards directly support CALA’s six strategic areas that are:
membership recruitment, retention, and engagement, leadership training and
development, local chapter development, professional development opportunities through
training and mentoring, professional networking through cutting-edge technologies, and
CALA’s impact on local, state, national, and international levels.

The Award Policy pertains to all the awards supported by CALA’s donated funds and
operation fund. The purpose of this Award Policy is to provide general guidance to the
appointment of CALA’s award related committees, including award, grant and
scholarship, and the related awarding procedures. The Awards Committee oversees and
coordinates all the awards related committees (CALA Bylaws, Article IV).

Availability of an Award

A CALA award is supported by one of the three funding sources. 1) Current Use Fund, 2)
Endowment Fund and 3) Operation Fund. The availability of an award is determined by
the availability of the fund designated or specified for the award. Specific fund agreement
or policy would apply if any.



The Awards Committee should work with the Executive Committee of the Board and other
related committees or officers to ensure the availability of an award before appointing a
specific award sub-committee.
    a) Operation Fund: Has a budget been reserved for it?
    b) Current Use Fund: Is there a specific signed agreement or policy for the award? Is
there enough cash amount for the award?
    c) Endowment Fund: Is there a specific agreement signed for the year? Is there
enough amount based on the agreement?


No related award activities shall be carried out if the agreement is not signed by both
the donor and CALA for the year. For donation acceptance and management, refer to
CALA Donation Acceptance and Management Policy (

The last time to check the earnings of an endowment fund should be by December 31 to
give sufficient time for the sub-committees to carry out the application processes.

Award Guideline and Recipient Requirements

There will be a specific guideline for each award. The specific award sub-committee is
responsible for creating and updating the guideline document based on the funding
agreement. The Awards Committee oversees and coordinates to have the guideline
approved by the CALA Board of Directors (hereafter, the Board).
    a. An individual can accept only ONE (1) premium-related award/grant/scholarship per
    b. For the grant-related awards (research and/or travel grants), the recipient is obligated
to submit a final report to the Executive Committee of the Board. The report should
include details (with proof of documentation) of how the fund is being spent during
the project period. Failure to do so will result in a full refund to CALA. The final report
should be archived.


  • The Awards Committee should collect the finalists submitted by the subcommittees, including the Scholarship Committee and its sub-committees, and confirm with the finalists on the award selection if one is recommended for more than one award/grant/scholarship.
  • The Awards Committee should recommend the final awardee roster of all awards/grants/scholarships to the Executive Committee that will forward the recommendations to the Board.
  • Upon approval by the Board, the Awards Committee makes an announcement to CALA members and works with the Web Committee for online postings and archives.

Suggested Workflow:

I. Executive Committee (EC)

- Ensures a donation agreement has been signed by both donors and CALA.

II. Awards Committee (AC) and CALA Treasurer
- Works with CALA Treasurer to confirm the sufficiency of award endowment funds by
December 31.

- When funding is sufficient, appoints a sub-committee.

III. Sub-Committees
Determines award recipients. - One award per individual. - Reports finalists to Award Committee

IV. Awards Committee
- Forwards the finalists to EC that will forward the recommendations to the Board of Directors. - Upon approval, AC makes an announcement to CALA members. - Web Committee posts it online and archives it.

V. Sub-Committees
- Informs your recipients.