2010 CALA Annual Conference Program

CALA Annual Program at ALA

Place: Washington Convention Center (WCC) -145A

Time: 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sky is the limit: Reaching out to the Minority Communities of Users and Librarians

Today, American libraries proactively reach out to the rapidly growing minority communities in our cities and on university campuses. Libraries must also train librarians who serve minority user needs by building diverse collections and services. This program brings together a panel of distinguished leaders in library outreach and diversity, representing ALA, national, academic, and public libraries, serving very diverse communities. Their experience and vision provide illuminating insights on this significant aspect of 21st Century librarianship.

Moderator:  Zhijia Shen, CALA President Elect, Director of East Asia Library of University of Washington

Keynote Speaker:  Satia Orange, Former Director of ALA Office of Literacy and Outreach Services: "Sharpen our skills and enhance our services to minority communities"

Panel Speakers:

  • Rush Miller, University Librarian of U of Pittsburgh: "Building diverse staff and collections in American libraries through international outreach--Success of University of Pittsburgh"
  • Karl Ku, Director General of National Central Library of Taiwan: "Building global connection; bridging Chinese studies librarianship"
  • Virgina Van Wynen Baeckler, Director, and Carol Quick, Assistant Director of Plainsboro Public Library: "How ‘Jin Huo Long' took up residency at Plainsboro Public Library: A 19 year retrospective."
  • Susan Hildreth, City Librarian, Seattle Public Library: "Embracing diversity with community partners".